You should already have checked that your computer can access Adobe Connect.

To join the conference, go to the Conference Room, and not the Practice Room!

When you log in, please log in as a Guest, and please use your full name, e.g. "Chris Woodhouse" or "Mary Jane Doe". (We use the difference in names to identify how many unique attendees log in to VIDM, so several people all called "Chris" will look like one person to us when we carry out that analysis.) If you're a group joining from an organisation, e.g. a college, you're welcome to use the organisation's name when logging in - e.g. "Derbyshire School of Midwifery".

These screen shots show how to logon in this way:

Click the "Enter as a Guest" radio button


Complete the "Name" box


Press the "Enter Room" button


Depending on the browser you are using, the Conference will open in another tab, a new copy of the browser or (as with Firefox in this example) in the Add-in, leaving you this message.