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TITLE OF PRESENTATION: The role of the midwife in supporting women who experience Intimate partner violence

Intimate partner violence occurs throughout society and it has a devastating effect on survivors and their communities. Until the last decade, health has dealt mainly with the consequences of domestic violence with proactive identification being poor, with only meagre pro-active identification in many parts of the health sector.

Women experiencing violence and abuse identify healthcare professionals and midwives as a potential source of support, yet midwives are unclear about their roles and responsibilities when supporting women and children who are experiencing domestic violence and abuse.

This presentation will consider the prevalence of domestic violence; examine its effect on women and pregnancy. It will also describe the role of the midwife in supporting women and provide an update of research, policy and best practice.

Dr Kathleen Baird

EMAIL CONTACT ADDRESS: k.baird@griffith.edu.au Australia, Queensland, Brisbane

Kathleen Baird is a Senior Midwifery Lecturer at the School of Nursing and Midwifery, Griffith University. Kathleen has been a midwife since 1996 and has gained a wealth of clinical experience in a variety of midwifery positions. At the end of 2012, she moved form the UK to take up an academic post with Griffith University.

For the last ten years Kathleen’s main research interests have centred around intimate partner violence, especially during pregnancy. She is currently involved with several research projects in relation to intimate partner violence. Kathleen has been involved with domestic violence training of qualified health professionals, undergraduate and postgraduate health students and members of the voluntary services for several years.