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Hazel Keedle
Privately Practising Eligible Midwife

VBAC is considered to add risk to birth and there have been recent moves to regulate private midwives who provide intrapartum care to high-risk women at home. This study aims to explore women's reasons for and experiences of choosing a homebirth following a caesarean section.
Thirteen women participated in in-depth interviews.
An overarching theme of “It’s never happening again” was found. Women went through an experience of significant trauma from their previous caesarean and this made them feel like a failure. Achieving a VBAC gave women a sense of achievement and healing.
This group of women can offer invaluable insight into the decision-making and experiences of women choosing to have a VBAC at home. It can also shed new light on how the system could improve the services offered and attitudes to women in order to engage them into it rather than alienate them further.