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Father Engagement

Research indicates parental competence and confidence are essential to long term engagement between parents and their babies (children). Birthing is the perfect window of opportunity for professionals to engage the father with their newborn. In order to provide an optimal experience for fathers, mothers and the babies, it is essential to understand what motivates fathers and how to engage them effectively.

I will present my recent research on fathers. In this study fathers learned baby massage, then massaged their babies and recorded their activities. These fathers shared their experiences massaging their babies, their attitudes, and what they worry about. Discover how fathers perceived their relationships with their babies; their daily practices in caring for their babies; what motivates fathers; what fathers desire in relationship to their babies and the babies’ mothers; what the findings tell us about father bonding and attachment; how fostering father engagement affects the family dyad (when momma is happy, everybody is happy); and the implications for professionals in the field of birthing. Discover how we may unknowingly block father engagement and the ultimate revelation about the benefit of fathers providing caregiving.