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16 Dec 2010
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28 Jan 2011
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10 Feb 2011
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21st March 2011
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13th March 2011
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Elluminate Practice Room

Here is the link to the Elluminate Practice Room that we will use for our meetings from now on. Anyone who wants to test out and play with Elluminate can do so here from now until May 5th.

Risk Register

We should list the risks to the project here. A risk is something that might go wrong, as opposed to something that has gone wrong. The best way to think about risks that definition I've heard is "there is a risk that something bad could happen".

An example is there is a risk that one of the presenters doesn't turn up on the day. The level of formality I'm suggesting is that we list them all, we quantify them, we decide what level of risk we need to something about and we do something about them - usually that means putting some mitigation in place. The simplest quantification method is to score the likelihood of the risk happening and the impact were it actually to hit us both on a simple 3-point scale - where 1 is low and 3 is high. Some approaches multiply these two numbers to give a score - which is what I've done in the example table below. Another approach might use a scale of 1-10 for the two numbers then map them on a chart, as described here and then think about 4 types of risk, where you can probably ignore low impact, low likelihood ones. I suspect the example table below is probably fit for purpose for VIDM.

I've started the register to give some examples. You may think it makes sense also to document who "owns" that risk - by which I mean who's going to think about it and work out the mitigation, and put it in place if appropriate. Chris 28/1
Presenter fails to show up
  • Have a couple of open questions on the presenter's subject to get an open discussion among the delegates going
  • Make sure the presenter's slides are available before the day so the facilitator can walk through the presentation to start a group discussion
  • Apologise and abandon that session
Elluminate fails to start at Otago

Elluminate crashes during the conference

Not enough presentations to fill all slots submitted

  • Widespread marketing of event


Place to advertise
Person responsible for passing on information
Twitter account: VIDofM (Aim to send a tweet every day in run up to May 5, either about #VIDM or related to midwifery)
Added VIDM2011 at tagdef - (Chris 30/1/11)
Midwifery blogs
ThinkBirth, InfoMidwife, SarahStewart, Lisa Barrett, Carolyn McIntosh, Gloria Lemay, midwivesVictoria

Sarah's blog 23/2
Email groups
'Normal birth' & GANM (Global Alliance for Nursing and Midwifery), NZmidwives list, Midwifery Research, HIFA15,

Midwifery Research Group 17/2 Sarah Midwifery education email list Ans 18/2 Asked Soo Downe to forward to NB list. Asked Vanessa Jackson to forward to NZMidwives list 22/2 HIFA2015/GANM 12/3

I'm happy to construct a LinkedIn Event which we could all "attend" as organisers. We can then encourage presenters to "attend" in LinkedIn as "presenting" and hopefully get delegates also to "attend". (Chris 8/2/11)
Australian College of Midwives
When EOI agreed I will arrange an ebulliten to all members (>5000)
When EOI agreed I will post on here highlighting the welcome to student midwives to contribute and attend
VIDM Facebook Page, MIDIRS, Midwifery Today, Gloria Lemay, Lisa Barrett, International Alliance of Midwives, Sally Westbury, Deborah Davis, UK Nursing & Midwifery Council (see below for UK NMC), ACM, ICM

VIDM, Midwifery Today, MIDIRS, International Alliance of Midwives, NMC Sarah 18/2, "Midwife" 13/3

Chris: I've created a customised link that redirects to the Wiki homepage
UK Nursing and Midwifery Council (UK NMC)


Chris: I've got a technical (IT) contact at the UK Nursery & Midwifery Council, so I've emailed him to ask about advertising there.
Chris: No response from first contact. Spoken to another contact today who's agreed to pass on my request to ops and comms. I've emailed him including a link to the wiki.