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The Laos Peoples’ Democratic Republic (Laos PDR) has struggled with high maternal and infant mortality due to a lack of resources as well as a lack of skilled and knowledgeable birth attendants. The Yale School of Nursing (YSN) partnered with with the goal of improving both the maternal and neonatal mortality in rural areas of Southern Laos. is a non-profit that educates and distributes clean birth kits to Lao nurses. Midwifery faculty and students helped further the mission of by teaching the use of the clean birth kits. They also adapted and taught the WHO Essentials of Newborn Care Course (ENCC) curriculum to Lao nurses[i]. This paper describes how the birth kits were modified and how the WHO curriculum was adapted to fit the training needs of nurses working in Salavan Province, Laos.

[i] World Health Organization (WHO). Essential newborn care course 2010. . 2015. Accessed February 2, 2015.