Kanguritos Canguritos
Kanguritos Canguritos

Trinidad Martín Mellado,
Midwife, Spain

Kangaroo Mother Care at birth

In my presentation I will detail the benefits that skin to skin contact for the first few hours after birth bring for both mother and baby. I will describe both the short term and long term benefits. We will see how the baby expects this skin to skin contact, her mother's body is the habitat where she finds everything she needs: warmth, food and protection.

When the baby is in her habitat she is able to relax after the stresses of birth and in this state she can put in place her own mechanisms for survival, reaching to her mother's breast and suckling, thus consolidating the mechanism for effective breastfeeding. This also causes changes in the mother's brain. On the other hand, this skin to skin contact protects the mother from difficulties in the third phase of labour.

Finally, we will see the recommendations to practice Kangaroo Mother Care safely.