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Elsie Gayle, Lead Midwife Mimosa Midwives
Birmingham UK

Birthrates in England have continued to rise over the last 10 years and migration is one factor in this increase. With over 1:4 births being to a woman who was not born in the UK, providers and commissioners of maternity services are required to respond to the changes in their local population, in order to deliver care based in evidence.

Previous research has highlighted the higher rates of perinatal mortality and morbidity rates; and the impact of socio economic factors, resulting from different complex and cultural dynamics.
With more migrant women needing to access maternity services, there needs to be attention to achieving optimum outcomes for this group.

The paper will describe the experiences of ‘Mimosa Midwives’ in caring for migrant women in an area of ‘superdiversity’. It draws on the distinctive approach, the specific risks taken into account during care and highlights the outcomes achieved by the team to date.